Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive here at Five Star Store It. If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ, simply give one of our friendly site managers a call and they will be happy to help you!

What is self storage?

Self storage is an affordable and convenient way to store everything from a breadbox to an RV and everything in between! Renting a self storage unit is a bit like renting your own personal garage. You can rent any size you need and only you will have the keys to your storage unit.

What size storage unit do I need?

View our handy size guide to get an idea of the various storage unit sizes we offer. Most of our locations offer storage units in the standard sizes shown in our size guide, but there may also be other sizes available at some locations. If you need additional help in determining which size of storage unit is right for your needs, feel free to give one of our professional facility managers a call and they will be happy to assist.

How long do I need to rent the storage unit for?

At Five Star Store It, our leases are month-to-month so you may rent a storage unit for as long as you like. We also offer prepayment discounts if you know that you will be needing the storage unit for a while.

What sort of identification is required for renting storage?

You must be 18 years of age or older, and you will need to provide a state-issued ID card, driver’s license, passport, or military ID in order to rent a storage unit. If you are storing a vehicle, you might also be required to produce a title for the vehicle in order to prove ownership.

What is climate-controlled storage?

This means we provide a reasonable level of heating and/or cooling for the storage unit in order to protect your items from extreme temperatures. Specific temperature settings vary by location and not all facilities offer climate-controlled storage.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. You will need to provide insurance for your stored items. We offer affordable insurance policies at our facilities or you can purchase coverage through your own insurance carrier.

Do I provide my own lock?

Yes, you will need to provide your own lock for the storage unit. We recommend that you purchase a disc lock or other high security lock. Most of our locations carry this style of lock for sale in the rental office. Some locations will require the use of a disc lock – see the store manager for details.

When and how can I access my storage unit?

You may access your storage unit during the gate hours which are posted online and at the facility. Most of our facilities have an electronic access control system which requires use of a personal pin number to gain access to the facility. Access hours vary by location, though most locations offer 24/7 access to your items. Please note that if you are late on making a rental payment, access to the facility may be denied.

What’s the difference between indoor, outdoor and drive-up units?

Indoor units are usually accessible only by entering a building and traveling down a hallway. Outdoor units, also called drive-up units, are typically ground-level storage nits with a door that opens directly outdoors.

Do you offer truck rentals?

Some of our locations offer moving truck rental. Please check with your local Five Star Store It location to see if they offer this service.

What is the difference between a roll-up door & a swing door?

A roll-up door works just like an overhead garage door. You lift the door upward from the ground and it rolls up inside of the ceiling area of the storage unit. This style of door typically offers a wider area to move your items into the storage unit. A swing door works like a standard pedestrian door in your home and is usually only found on smaller storage unit sizes.

Do you offer car, boat, motorcycle or RV storage?

Many of our locations offer indoor or outdoor parking for vehicles such as boats, cars or RV’s. Sizes vary by location. Check with your local Five Star Store It location to see whether vehicle storage is offered.

Do you carry boxes or other packing supplies?

Most Five Star Store It locations carry a selection of moving boxes and packing supplies. Check with your local Five Star Store It location to see whether they carry moving boxes and packing supplies.

How can I make my storage rental payment?

We offer several convenient ways to make your storage rental payment. You can pay online via our website, or pay via phone or in person at the rental office. Some locations also offer a kiosk on site where you can pay your bill or even rent a storage unit.