Wine Storage

You’ve made the decision to invest in fine wines or cigars, and now you need to protect and preserve your investment.

Introducing fine wine and cigar storage
with Five Star Store It – Ferndale!

Our storage units have been specially designed and built to provide the ideal environment for the storage of fine wines and cigars.

Temperature and Humidity Control:
Temperature extremes can alter the aroma, flavor and structure of fine wine. Our storage units utilize special refrigeration equipment to help ensure a constant temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the recommended humidity level of 75%.

No Natural Light:
Prolonged exposure to natural, ultra-violet light from the sun can degrade and prematurely age wine in storage. Our storage units have sophisticated motion-sensitive lighting, which will help to eliminate any potentially damaging ultra-violet light.

Advanced Security System:
At Five Star Store It – Ferndale, an advanced security system is in place to protect your investment in fine wines and cigars. Our wine storage is monitored with a state-of-the-art, 24-hour video surveillance system utilizing the latest in DVR (Digital Video Recording) technology.

Protect your investment by keeping your fine wine and cigars stored with:
Five Star Store It – Ferndale!